Complete Tree Service in Palos Park, IL


Whether you live or work in Palos Park, you love driving along its tree-lined streets. These neighborhoods feel homey and safe, thanks to the tall older trees providing shade. Trees also give area businesses a professional but welcoming presence.

If your Palos Park property has stately trees, give yourself time to relax and enjoy them. Hire Smitty’s Tree and Arbor Service to maintain your trees and landscaping.

How We Serve You

At Smitty’s, we do more than tree service in Palos Park, IL—we offer year-round yard maintenance and professional landscaping. You can trust our experienced arborists to perform the following services:

  • Tree maintenanceWe prune and trim trees so they’re safe, healthy, and beautiful.
  • Stump removal. We take out the remnants of former trees to give you more open space.
  • Storm damage. We clean up and repair damage to your trees from a storm.
  • Land clearingWe clear away multiple plants to give land a fresh start.
  • Firewood deliveryWe bring quality firewood to your door so you stay warm all winter.
  • Snow removal. We track weather conditions and promptly clear driveways and sidewalks.
  • Mulch: We offer hardwood mulch in dark brown, red, and natural.

That’s only a sampling of the services offered by Smitty’s. For over 60 years, we’ve shared our tree expertise with Chicago-area residents.

Call 708-385-2814 when you need tree and yard service in Palos Park.