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Chicago, IL Area Tree Services

Improve Your Property with the Tree Service Chicago, IL Trusts

Have you taken a good look at a tree lately? Not only are trees the lungs of the entire earth, converting carbon dioxide into life-giving oxygen, but they are also the earth’s beautifiers.

Your trees deserve attention in order to grow and thrive. That’s where Smitty’s Tree and Arbor Service comes in. Our expertise goes hand in hand with our honesty and integrity. We offer specialized tree service from Orland Park to Chicago, IL, just as we’ve done for over 60 years.

Here’s how our services benefit you:

• Improve your green spaces. Whether you need tree trimming or disease control, our certified arborists will take care of your trees promptly.

• Create a great landscape at work or home. We take care of your business property or back yard through landscaping services, stump grinding, or land clearing services to prepare your property for development & construction.

• Maintain your trees. When you love trees, you do whatever you can to keep them healthy. We help by trimming trees or removing dead or dangerous limbs. If your tree is diseased or infested, we’ll diagnose and treat the problem.

• Clear storm debris. Mother Nature sometimes deals a heavy hand. If your trees have been damaged or uprooted following a storm, call us to clear the debris.

• Fertilize and mulch for optimum growth. Use mulch to make any property aesthetically pleasing to the eye and fertilize trees to encourage growth.

• Stock up on firewood, then call us for snow removal. Keep your home fires burning brightly with our firewood delivery services. We also offer snow removal to keep your property clear all winter long.


“Smitty’s uses professional-commercial grade equipment with well trained and experienced workers. Workers will safely perform the tasks in accordance with ISA Standards.” – Director of Grounds & Maintenance