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You need the right tools to keep you lawn looking its best. But your lawnmower and trimmer can only go so far when it comes to keeping your garden and flower beds healthy and well maintained. When you want to keep these areas healthy and aesthetically appealing, invest in hardwood mulch. In Alsip, IL you can get that hardwood mulch at Smitty’s.

We Are Offering 3 Colors of Mulch:

Enjoy the Benefits of Hardwood Mulch

At Smitty’s Tree and Arbor Services, we have recently expanded our business to include a new mulch division. Our mulch consists of aged hardwood that comes in three rich colors. Our mulch retains its color for longer than other types of mulch.

Hardwood mulch helps your plants and trees retain water, which protects your plants against dehydration and provides life-giving oxygen. Hardwood mulch also protects plants and trees from the negative effects winter has on your lawn.

The hardwood we use at Smitty’s is a by-product of lumber, which helps us limit our impact on the environment.

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1 Yard of Mulch Covers:

  • 108 sq. ft @ 3” deep
  • 81 sq. ft @ 4” deep
  • 65 sq. ft @ 5” deep
  • 54 sq. ft @ 6” deep
  • 46 sq. ft @ 8” deep
  • 32 sq. ft @ 10” deep
  • 27 sq. ft @ 12” deep

Measuring of Areas:

  • Area of a Circle = 3.14 x radius squared
  • Area of a Square = Side x side
  • Area of a Rectangle = Length x width.

1 Cubic Yard of Mulch = 27 Cubic Feet

Work with Professional Arborists

For over 60 years, Smitty’s Tree Services has provided friendly, professional landscaping work in the Chicagoland area. We offer residential and commercial services to keep the plants in your lawn healthy and beautiful. We are a proud member of the International Society of Arboriculture, and we stay up to date with the latest horticultural techniques.

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When you want to protect your yard and still have it look aesthetically pleasing, contact the professional landscapers at Smitty’s Tree Service, Inc. Our team can provide your flowerbeds and gardens with hardwood mulch delivery to your Chicago, IL area that your yard needs to thrive all year round.

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